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Everything you need to develop your voice and keep it in shape – is inside this app
Become a Black Belt Vocalist and Win Prizes

It is important that you prepare your voice some before starting the daily training program, even though each program includes exercises for warming up. For example, you could have something hot to drink so the structures in the throat will be slightly warmer before you begin working your voice. A little talking and waking up your body and mind might also be needed if you do your Vocal Workout Of The Day, in the morning.

This training program is for healthy voices that need steady development through regular training. It is important that you get acquainted with the exercises before starting your first Vocal Workout Of The Day. You must be familiar with the lyrics, melody and rhythm, as well as the correct technique and purpose of the exercise. Remember, you can always go to the Practice Library when you run into exercises in the VWOD that you’ve forgot the instructions too.

The keys of the exercises are made to fit and challenge most singers – you are not supposed to be able to sing the whole range. It is very important that you stop singing if your voice stings, aches, is “strained”, fatigued – or if you lose your tonal sound. Be sure to pay attention to the daily status of your voice. When you cannot reach high or low notes with good technique, stop singing and move on to the next exercise. If the exercise starts in a key that is too high or low for you, wait until it reaches a key more suitable for your voice before beginning.

Become a 5 Star Black Belt Vocalist. As mentioned above, not everyone is supposed to be able to sing All exercises in All keys. BUT! You are supposed to keep up the frequency of you practice. The only way to get fit is to actually get the work done. But in addition to you getting vocally fit, you also get awarded for streaks, so go get them scores!