VWOD The E-Book

Fun… simple… and it works…


Welcome to The E-book of Vocal Workout Of The Day. This is a fun, thorough training program for singers. This program will make it easier for you to get your vocal training done. No more excuses – you can find everything you need to develop your voice and keep it in shape is in here. inside this E-book alongside the app.

This E-book is supposed to be used alongside the VocalWOD App. For Android | For IOS

You get access to all of the separate scores to all the exercises. This means that you can practice in detail and at your own pace. Use it with your students, your quire or for developing your own singing skill set. In addition, you also get a detailed description of the progression and idea of the programming.

On top of this training program, you can sing whenever, whatever and however much you like – practice with a band, sing along to backing tracks, perform live, record your singing in studio, or sing in a choir.However, to make the most out of your voice in these situations, it is essential to keep your voice well-trained and in good shape.

The Zangger Methodology is built on a solid foundation and knowledge of voice function combined with 30 years of practical experience of the demands that are set on a popular music singer today. This guarantees the most efficient transition from practice to performance.