Certified Vocal Coach

Become a Certified Vocal Coach

If you are a vocal coach, teacher, mentor or guide. You might want to know more about the programming and the method I use. When you are leading or guiding students bit by bit through the different aspects of the programme, whether for specific singing technique skills or vocal workout progression, it is important that you know the purpose of the exercises and the correct way of performing them. To do this you might want to practice the exercises with your student, with you on the piano on your vocal lessons. So, I have put together a book with all of the exercises notated and with a deeper explanation of the Vocal Workout Of The Day method. You can purchase it here.


  • Deepen Your Profession as a Voice Teacher and Coach
  • Achieve a Solid Scientific Bedrock for Your Teaching
  • Become Part of an Worldwide Community of Coaches/Teachers
  • Receive One-On-One Instruction from a World-Leading Coach
  • Be Recognized in the Teaching/Coaching World
Zangger Certification brings the highest quality coaching and teaching into the art of singing popular music. Your certification includes the latest in scientifically-grounded teaching materials, one-on-one sessions with Daniel Zangger Borch, Ph.D. and entrance into a high-level world-wide community of teachers and coaches dedicated to contemporary vocal styles.

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